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ruthanne harrison

art & design

123Go456Stop789Scream (2022)          Are You Here Alone? (2021)                  Live? (2020)

Forty-Five Burn (2020)                          Consider What is                                   Bluer (2021)

                                                              Happening in the Loop (2021)

January 1 (2022)                                     Stay Still Don't Fall (2022)                   There May Be the Risk of Loss



Old Home Body (2022)                          Where are you in this? (2022)              Things You Think You Need (2022)    



Raining Ruin (2022)                             Words (2022)                                           Useless Prayer Broken Promise




More or Less (2022)                              Invisible (2022)                                      Thoughts (2022)



These pieces 

are vehicles for ideas, thoughts, responses, and musings.

Encaustic and collage

on wood panel,12" x12".


Click on image for a larger view.

 Where Do You Go?(2022)                    I've Changed Say Goodbye (2022)                                                      

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