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Laying out my ideas...

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

This week, I have been working on storyboarding for the projection content I am creating. I've been making images and collages using Illustrator and Photoshop, making videos and editing them with AfterEffects, and now I am ready to begin organizing this all into my first short piece of content for projection.

The theme is exploring what could happen in residual spaces of a city, so I am planning on making a series of short projection pieces each featuring a residual or abandoned space in my small city. This is the working storyboard for the first one.

After giving it some thought, I may change the hat images out for shoe images, which would be more historically relevant to the space where this takes place. I realized through the storyboarding process that this is actually the story I want to tell.

For my project, a storyboard made more sense than a script, because it is not really a narrative, but more of an abstract experience. I began by trying Celtx, but when the trial ran out, decided to try other tools also. Canva was suggested to me, and that is what I used for this first storyboard. For the storyboard for the next video, I may look for something different.

Residuals Pg. 1

Residuals Pg.2

Residuals Pg. 3

Residuals Pg. 4

After completing the storyboard, I went back to exploring how a script may help to clarify my project sequence. What I have right now is a folder of images created in Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, and a series of videos. I have begun to move them into AfterEffects. The storyboard and script will help me with sequencing them properly, transitioning between scenes, and deciding on how long each scene will be. Here is a link to the script:

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