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Taking a Leap...

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This month I have begun a new journey, and I'm not yet sure where it will lead. I have begun a course in Digital Media and Technology at SUNY Empire State College. My previous experiments with digital media have included fairly typical uses of Photoshop, Autodesk programs, and Rhino for commercial work, 3D printing, and teaching. As an artist, I have used digital media to alter my own photographs for collaging into traditional media. The painting below is one example of that. In this series, I worked with boxes of old 35 mm slides and photographs that I had taken years before, digital media, and paint.

Night Hawk Night Walk, mixed media, 12"x12" Ruthanne Harrison 2019

In the past year, I have heard a speaker, Holly Clark, discuss how the jobs our students will have as adults don't even exist yet. She also spoke about the potential of 5G. I began to be intrigued by what artists and designers were doing with VR and AR. As someone who has never even played a video game, entering this world is a big leap, but it is a world I want to land in, to become both a better teacher, and a more dynamic artist.


Clark, Holly. Educators, Are We Ready for 5G (retrieved from

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