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Module 5: Tools & Tech

This module was an inspiration for trying some animation tools. In the past, I have used, and taught students, processes to animate architectural models. Sketchup and Revit both make this process fairly easy. But I decided that I might want to try a more artistic mode of animation, inspired by filmmaker Sharad Patel and in his collaboration with with artist Shiva Ahamdi.

During the semester, I have been experimenting with Procreate on my Ipad after taking a workshop at Apple. So I decided to take some of my drawings and try some simple animations using Procreate.

The images began as photographs that I took as I was thinking about residual and abandoned spaces. Then I used the Paper 53 app and Pencil to transform them, drawing into and over the images until the photograph was removed and the drawing remained. Here is one of the drawings.

Wonder Wheel

And here is an animation based on that drawing. This is made by importing my drawing into Procreate, and drawing on several different layers with a sequence of colors and shapes. The final result can simply be exported as a GIF or Mp4 file.

Wonder Wheel Animated

Wanting to take this further, I have begun to watch tutorials about using Procreate with AfterEffects. One is a video by Gal Shir, in which he makes a simple drawing in Procreate, and then imports each layer into After Effects to create a smoother looking animation. This is what I will be trying this week. I have also added some of the animations into my projection mapping piece, which I will continue to work on this week. Right now my biggest technical challenge remains how to effectively make a video of the projection mapping as it takes place. I'm finding it difficult to take a video of a video and get quality results.


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