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Post-pandemic Post???

It's been awhile, two years hunkered down, but exhibition!

For many artists, (myself included), there is an uneasy relationship between making art, assigning a monetary value to it, and promoting and selling it. Does the potential and/or pressure to sell have influence over what an artist creates? If the monetary factor is taken away, what is the intrinsic value of art? What happens if artists reject the notion of selling art? What becomes of all of the art that is made but never seen because it may not have commercial value to a gallery?

Curating the show has been a great experience, and it is an honor to show with Kris Lanzer, Dave Pettengill, and Barb Whitten. There is installation, video, interactive work, so much to look at and think about!

Here is an installation

by Kris Lanzer,

Work by

Barb Whitten,

An installation by

Dave Pettengill,

and one of my videos

Hope you can come see the work!

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