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Project Proposal 9.22

The project I am proposing is an interactive digital projection mapping event.


To integrate digital art, visual images, architecture, and placemaking

To learn and experiment with incorporating sound and movement

To invigorate underutilized downtown areas or residual urban spaces with digital art/performance

To activate spaces to make them comfortable, exciting, and meaningful

Artistic Vision:

Hive, Ruthanne Harrison @2015

As a visual artist, I have used digital media to manipulate photographs, to laser cut images onto surfaces, and to create images for collage into paintings. In a previous body of work, I have used laser cutting techniques, assemblage, and light to create a series of illuminated artboxes. The use of light and image has always interested me, and project mapping would be a next step, because of the placemaking and interactive potential of this type of project.

My experience with using sound and physical movement is very limited, and in this way, I am pushing the boundaries of what my artistic vision could be. I envision inviting others to manipulate aspects of the visuals that are being projected, and to use movement of the human body (gathering, dancing) and sound as a part of the finished presentation.

Some of the resources I have been looking at are LumenARRT!, Urban Projections,, and artist Raphael Lozano-Hemmer. I am also interested in the work of Sarah Rothberg, although her work is in AR rather than projection mapping.

Tools, Materials and Budget:

The tools I will need will have to be inexpensive, especially as I begin. If projection mapping continues as a viable art form for me, I would invest more in software, projections and materials to construct projection surfaces and sets.

Therefore, my preliminary budget would consist of:

Battery operated projector ~200.

HeavyM software ~150. (after trial version)

Photoshop/Illustrator ~39/mo(already subscribe) for 2 months

Rhino Software 0 (already own)

Sound equipment (still researching)

Total $430. +-

Presentation and Timeline:

The final outcome of the project will be a public projection mapping presentation. To present the final project, I will need to:

Have the project designed (visuals, animations, sound) SEPT-NOV 2019

Be proficient with the software and hardware for projection SEPT-NOV 2019

locate a suitable public space: dark, with public access, with a structure to project onto

OCT 2019

Request permission for use. OCT 2019

Publicize the project via social media to bring people out for the event. LATE NOV 2019

Project Mapping Event DEC 2019 (Winter Solstice?)

Make a plan for continuation of the event. My ultimate goal would be to evolve the project and bring it to other towns and venues. NOV-DEC 2019

The timeline will become more specific as I progress.


LumenARRT!, Video Projections for Change from the Artist’s Rapid Response Team

Paul, C. (2015) Digital art, London, U.K, Thames & Hudson

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