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Researching the tools...

It is a bit daunting to embark on a project using an unfamiliar medium. in researching the tools that I can use for my projection mapping project, the website has been invaluable. Reading it provided me with some basic knowledge, and links to get started looking at software and equipment options.

Sadly, much of the software and equipment is way above my budget. Maybe someday...but for now I have found a free trial of HeavyM, which seems very user friendly and compatible with most projectors. I am not a coder (yet), and since learning anything more than simple coding may be beyond the scope of what I can do right now, HeavyM seems like a good starting point.

I will begin some tutorials this week.

My primary software for creating visuals will be a combination of Rhino, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I am already proficient with the first two, and though I occasionally use Illustrator, some brushing up and new learning will be needed.

Research is also underway on projectors. I am looking for a battery operated projector that will give me a large enough projection from a minimum of 20' distance.


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Hi Ruthann, I'm curious why you are looking at battery projectors? Is it a cost, or portability issue? What are your lumen tradeoffs by going battery operated?

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