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As I do the final editing on my big project, I am also exploring some lighter projects. These little projects are fun, but they are also helping me to learn more about what I can do with a combination of AR and mixed media. As much as I love working with AR and digital models, I also love painting and sculpting and hand model building. So all of these mediums have a place in this work.

I really like the idea of using small hand built architectural sets to stage AR performances. The digital objects in the performances are 3D modeled in Rhino. The sets are built out of a variety of media: cardboard, taskboard, rice paper, watercolor, pastel, found objects. Whatever suits the purpose. The sets are about 12"x12"x12"

Eventually, I want to use sound in these little pieces, as they are all about movement. For me, working on these little AR performances has lightened my mood during a dark time.

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