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Tools & Tech#2

This has been a week of experimenting with AR, and thinking about how to incorporate the idea of using performance in constructing and deconstructing visual art. While I'm not yet completely sure where this is leading, I am pretty sure it is leading into a potential project.

The image is an altered version of a painting titled Peconic. The original is a 4'x4' acrylic on canvas piece. This image has been altered for 3D in Photoshop. Then I took the file and brought that into Adobe Aero, where the layers could be separated on either the x, y or z axis, so that an AR character might be able to "move" them, or walk through them, or reconstruct them into a painting again. The character was from last week's tech experiments, created in Mixamo.

I guess I would like to see what the elements of a painting could be like if they became an architectural environment that we could move thorough and immerse ourselves in.


I also began to play with sound this week, but more on that later...

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