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Tools & Tech: Storyboard

As I experiment with rigging character animations in Mixamo, Adobe Aero AR video clips, and editing in Premier Pro, I've found that it's time to put content that I have into a narrative order. This will also guide me in what content still needs to be created.

Storyboarding is of course the way to proceed. There is an ipad app called Paper that I like to use for sketching. I found out that Paper has a storyboarding template. Paper lets you create new sketchbooks and journals, and add the number and type of pages desired for your project. (lined paper, graph paper, blank drawing paper, grids, storyboard, etc.)

Paper Journals

Pages can be moved, deleted, added, uploaded and printed, or shared. I have found this a good way to have several sketchbooks going at any one time.

The app has a free version, which has most of the functions, but there is a cut and paste function that comes with the subscription version, so I opted for that. It is around $12. for the year, so for a buck a month, I like having full access to all the tools.

Paper workspace and tools

The image above shows a number of sketchbooks that I currently work in .

To the right is what the drawing space and toolbar looks like. What can't quite be seen is a tool that lets you place a photograph, so you can make photomontages with drawing. There is also a text function.

Sketchbooks can be uploaded as videos, so you can share with others what you have created. Below is the beginning of my storyboard sketchbook.

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