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I have been experimenting with a variety of apps over the past week or two. In my previous post, I noted that HeavyM is not working well on my computer, so I've switched to using Adobe After Effects, along with Illustrator and Photoshop. There are many tutorials that have been informative, such as this one by Mike Sevigny:

But I've continued to try other apps, also. I went to a workshop at the Apple store on using Procreate. I've been using it mainly for 2D images, but learned that it can be used to create animated png or gif files. This may be something that I can incorporate into my projection.

While at the Apple store, I also tried a workshop on augmented reality. I later purchased a Google Cardboard to play around with. I've been using this with an app called Modelo on my phone for looking at architectural models. I don't think these technologies will be used for this project, but just wanted to explore a bit.

Animation experiment made in Apple Procreate


Sevigny, M., Projection Mapping onto Extruded Shapes in After Effects CS6+, Vimeo,, retrieved from

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