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This week I have been working back and forth between technology, artistic vision, and content. My goal is to create a projection that could enliven desolate residual spaces. I have begun by reading about and researching projection mapping, and watching videos. I got a trial version of HeavyM, and began tutorials and experimentation with that. On the HeavyM site, I read about projectors, and it was suggested that Optoma was a brand often used in projection mapping. Of course, these were high end and above my budget, but I bought a small Optoma mini-projector, which can be used with batteries or plugged in.

After a day or two, HeavyM stopped functioning in my laptop. Just froze, which I think may be a graphics card issue. Since the laptop belongs to my school department, I can't really change anything.

A character from my animation

More research led me to suggestions of using Adobe AfterEffects. Since I already subscribe to AdobeCC, this seemed like a perfect alternative. I use Photoshop quite a bit, and although I've used Illustrator in the past, I needed some brushing up on that. But AfterEffects is completely new to me. I am using a combination of these three apps to create my animated projection.

As for content, I decided that the narrative (of sorts) would be about the abandoned residual spaces, and imagining, in a fanciful way,

what could happen in those spaces. Artistically, I would like to incorporate movement and sound, and use the visuals in an abstract way. I tried out Celtx for storyboarding, but found it a bit too literal (the categories of people, buildings, etc). So I have been sketching and making notes.

Then the fun began! I went out with my phone and made several videos of local spaces and environments. I began creating a few graphics in Illustrator. And I have become obsessed with AfterEffects! I have a long way to go, one step at a time, but I am learning quickly.

Here is a bit that I have achieved this week. It looks rough at this point, but I'll get there!

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