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Week Eleven

With the AR video clips almost completely edited, I have been working more on sound and voice over. PremierPro has features for adding multiple audio tracks, so it's possible to have music, voice, and other sound effects layered.

I have been playing with the ambient sound of the voice-overs, because, like many people, I don't really want to hear my own voice, and because the visual aspect of the project has a surreal, Dada aesthetic that should be matched in sound.

For the voice-over, I wrote a script, and given the circumstances of the world right now, my script and voice-overs feel very bleak. While my project is about loss and the renewal of creativity, right now the emphasis seems to be on loss. The dilemma of "before" and "after" is hitting me hard: a creative work conceived of before we all began to deal with the pandemic now seems irrelevant. And it doesn't yet seem like the time to address the issue creatively.

So, I have been making some "fun" pieces to amuse my students. Here is one called "Crayon Canyon." This is a combination of a small architectural model made from found objects, with the AR characters inhabiting it. An example for a possible student project that they can work on at home.

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